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Holy Week Schedule 2017.


More Info on our Building Sharing

Resurrection Church has been renting space for worship and other events in our building throughout 2016.
In August, their leaders approached our Vestry with a request to use our undercroft for their Sunday services starting at 10:30 A.M, followed by fellowship in the undercroft to end about 12:15 (with some possible overlap with us as we head downstairs for our coffee hour.)
This arrangement gives them a much better time to gather, but would leave our own service upstairs in the sanctuary at its regular time of 11:00 A.M.
The Vestry agreed to allow this arrangement on a trial basis through the end of the year.  We ask for your flexibility and support as we try out this new arrangement which will start on Sunday, 9-18.


Jackie Sanchez-ShabazzMeet our new Deacon-in-training,
Jacqueline Sanchez-Shabazz

The Diocese of New York asked Good Shepherd to be one of the training sites for Jackie Sanchez-Shabazz. After meeting this soft-spoken, yet passionate, lay chaplain and hospital administrative assistant, it was clear that we would benefit by having her in our community.  She will be with us for the next nine months, officially starting on Homecoming Sunday, September 18, though you might meet her before then.

What will Jackie do?

– serve at the altar on Sunday mornings
– preach 3-4 times
– participate in our faith sharing and scripture study group
– work on a shared service project

About Jackie:

– works at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Administration
– volunteers as a hospital chaplain at New York Presbyterian Hospital
– lifetime resident of the lower east side and St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church on Henry Street
– has four adult children, thirty-six grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren
– loves to cook, sew, knit, and crochet
– loves serving at the altar

What’s a deacon?

A deacon (from Greek, “diakonos” or servant) is one of three distinct orders of ordained ministers (bishops, priests, deacons) in the Episcopal Church. Within the Anglican Communion (as in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches) an individual  becomes a deacon by being ordained by a bishop after having completed a course of study and formation. This is in contrast to other traditions that use the title for lay persons elected to responsible governing positions in their churches. The first recorded deacons are in the Book of Acts when the Twelve appoint seven deacons to oversee the fair administration of relief to the those in need in Jerusalem.  One of the seven, Stephen, is the first martyr and before his death preaches powerfully to the hostile crowd. Deacons in the Episcopal Church are visible reminders of our joint call as disciples to serve those in need.  Deacons also have special duties in the Sunday Eucharist such as reading the Gospel, setting the altar, and dismissing the congregation.


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